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Pupil Responsibilities

At St Alban's, our children are given a wealth of opportunities to develop themselves beyond the classroom.  We have responsibility roles for all children and leadership roles for our older children. We believe in promoting confidence, resiliance and tolerance through the many responsibilities that we have on offer.

For the second year, we have appointed a Head Girl and a Head Boy. Children from Y2-Y6 listened to the candidates present their reasons for being elected, ballot papers were served and voting took place to elect our new people. It was great act of democracy and all of the children enjoyed participating in the election.

Elections also took place at class level to elect class members for the School Council. Two children from each class are school councillors. The Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy are the School Council Leaders.

Our Y6 children are all Play Leaders. They have been trained by our PE coach to set up and lead games activities for our younger children. 

Each of our school houses has a Praise Point Captain. We have two for each of our school houses and a Chief Praise Point Counter.

Heads and Deputies...

School Council

Play Leaders

House Captains

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