Our 2013 Ofsted report can be downloaded by visiting the official Ofsted Website at: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/provider/files/2163499/urn/111307.pdf

Here are just some of the great things said about our school:

“This is a good school”

  • Pupils make good progress and achieve well in all subjects. The results achieved by pupils are rising.
  • Teaching is good across the school. Teachers know their pupils very well and plan lessons which take into account each pupil’s ability. This means that all pupils make good progress.
  • Pupils in the Nursery and Reception classes are particularly well taught and supported, so that they make good progress both academically and personally.
  • Reading is taught successfully, and standards in literacy and numeracy are at national average levels by Year 6.
  • Pupils who speak English as an additional language are very well supported by teachers and other adults, so they are able to catch up quickly and achieve well.
  • Pupils enjoy school and behave well. They feel safe and are proud of their school. Pupils work hard in lessons and want to do well.
  • The headteacher has high expectations of all pupils and staff. She monitors the quality of teaching very carefully, so she has a very clear idea of the strengths of the school, and of which areas still need to improve.
  • The governing body is very effective in holding the school to account. Governors carefully check pupils’ results for themselves, so they can challenge the school to improve further.
  • The school has good relationships with parents, who are very supportive of the school and its leaders.
  • Children from different backgrounds get on well together. The school works successfully to make sure that all pupils feel included and valued as members of the school.

Download (111307.pdf, PDF, 173KB)

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