Head Lice

A busy day’s work in the classroom  often involves children  getting their heads together working things out and this obviously can mean that headlice can move from one child to another.  This does not mean that any child is dirty but headlice can be very difficult to control.  It is so important to ensure that both the eggs and the actual lice are killed.  One stray egg can mean the whole infestation begins again.

Please inform us if you find headlice in your child’s hair so that we can advise other parents and please check your child’s  hair regularly.

The school nurses no longer visits schools to check for headlice but if you are struggling with this problem please call to to request advice and support, home visits can be offered.

Download (head_lice_information_leaflet____head_lice_information_leaflet.pdf_1.pdf, PDF, 46KB)

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