The Governing Body reconstituted with effect from 1st September 2015

Full Governing Body Membership September 2016

There is currently 1 vacancy for a Foundation Governor

All Foundation  Governors are appointed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool, Local Authority Governor is proposed by LA and agreed by Archdiocese, Parent Governors elected by parents and approved by Archdiocese,  Staff Governor elected by staff and approved by Archdiocese.


Governor Category Name Term of Office Other declarable interests
Foundation Governor     Chair Mrs Bernadette Gorman 03.10.2019 None
Foundation Governor     Vice Chair Mr Andrew Wardman 30.11.2019 Partner to member of staff
Foundation Governor Mr Joe Whelan 10.04.2017 None
Foundation Governor Mrs Christine Everett 17.11.2020 None
Foundation Governor Mrs Maria McGarry 13.10.2017 Headteacher and governor in other schools
Foundation Governor Mr John Oates 23.01.2017 Teacher in local school
Staff Governor Mrs Margaret McGrath  29.08.2018
LA Governor Mr Mark Barrow 07.07.2019 Governor in other school
Parent Governor Mr Arkadiusz  Jania 15.05.2019
Parent Governor Mr Sean Creaney 01.02.2020
Headteacher Mrs Frances Curless Not specified  Spouse to part time teacher in school
Foundation Governor Vacancy


Pecuniary interest forms are completed each year, interests were declared as above


The full Governing Body meets termly and  the 2 main committees meet half termly:


Standards and Curriculum   Finance and Resources
Mrs Bernadette Gorman              Chair Mr Andrew Wardman       Chair
Mrs Maria McGarry
Mrs Christine Everett Mr Mark Barrow
Mr John Oates Mr Arkadiusz Jania
Mrs Frances Curless Mrs Margaret McGrath
 Mr Sean Creaney Mrs Frances Curless


Additional Committees – meet as required


Staff/Pupil Disciplinary & Pay Appeals
  • Mrs Bernadette Gorman
  • Mrs Maria McGarry


Headteacher Performance Management
  • Mr Andrew Wardman
  • Mrs Bernadette Gorman
  • Mrs Maria McGarry

– Reviewing Officer


Pay Committee

  • Mr Mark Barrow
  • Mr Andrew Wardman
  • Mrs Frances Curless


Appeals & Complaints
  • Mrs Christine Everett
  • Mr Andrew Wardman
  • Mr Mark Barrow

Governors who left in last 12 months

Mr Peter Bellamy       Foundation Governor              end of term of office

Mrs Maria Manfredi   Foundation Governor              end of term of office

Fr Richard Ebo             FoundationGovernor             Parish move Feb 2017

 Governors who left in last 24 months

Mrs Anna Barnes        Local Authority Governor       resigned

Mr Steve Ryder          Parent Governor                       end of term

Mr Steve Friend          Foundation Governor              stepped down following reconstitution

Mr Chris Loxley          Parent Governor                     resigned
















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