Anti-bullying week

This year our Anti-bullying work will take place between our Easter Week-end break and the spring break in April.  As well as looking at E-Safety we will be following the national theme

Make a noise about bullying’.

As the theme is about making a noise, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to link it to music, or poetry if you choose.

Here is an Acrostic one that  can be used as an example.

Always think about how that person feels
Never be mean                                                                                                                                 Think before you speak
Imagine you were that person
Bullying must stop!
Unkind people bully
Laugh with someone NOT at someone
Look out for your friends
Your a bully if you leave someone out
If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all
Never bully
Good friends don’t bully




  • Anti Bullying rap, by 2 young boys on Britain’s Got Talent- can be found on You Tube




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